How did this all start?

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A letter published in the Weg magazine.

During 2006 two former platoon commanders, who served in 1981 with Bravo Company at 61 Mech, met up with each other again for the first time since their military days. 

A letter written by Ariel Hugo that was published in the November 2005 edition of the Weg magazine, expressing his appreciation for a humorous article by Jaco Kirsten about his Army days, led to these former brothers in arms meeting up again.


Possibility mooted of a veteran’s association for 61 Mech.

While reminiscing about the past, Ariel Hugo and Gert Minnaar wondered what happened to their other Army buddies and expressed a wish to see if any of the other 61 Mech Veterans would be interested in rekindling the old friendships and brotherhood by establishing a veterans association for the unit.

First meeting of veterans in August 2007 in Caledon.

They started to search for former members who served with them at this unit and a number of these former 61 Mech soldiers converged in August 2007 on Caledon, from as far away as Australia and Bahrain for a get together.

They shared memories and discussed the way forward to finalise the establishment of a forum which can serve to record the history of 61 Mech and also facilitate the social interaction between the former members of this unit.Subsequent to this gathering, the 61 Mech Battalion Group Veterans Association was established through the incorporation of a section 21 company.

Website to reach all the 61 Mech veterans.

The intention is now to reach all the former members of 61 Mech through this website so that they can use it to file their stories, photos and other documents to reflect how they experienced the history of 61 Mech in the making .


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