Ratel 60

Crew 3 + 7 Infantry
Main Armament 1 × 60mm breach loading mortar
Secondary Armament 1 × 7.62mm co-axial MG
1 × 7.62mm GPMG in AA mount on rear of vehicle
1 × 7.62mm GPMG on commander’s cupola
4 × 81mm smoke grenade launchers
Ammunition 45 60mm bombs stored in the turret and hull
6000 rounds 7.62mm
Combat Mass 18.5ton
Hull length 7.21m
Width 2.7m
Height 3.11m
Engine 12litre six cylinder in line turbo diesel
Power output 230kW
Fuel 480litres
Road Speed 105km/h
Off Road Speed 30km/h
Road Range 1000km
Off Road Range 600km
Gradient 27ยบ
Step 0.6m
Trench 1.15m
Ford 1.2m


The Ratel 60 came into being by fitting an Eland 60 turret on a Ratel hull. It was developed to supplant the Eland 60 in use with the support troops of the Armoured Car Squadrons. Apart from the Armoured Corps the Mechanised Infantry formations has also adopted the vehicle as a mobile indirect fire support platform on a scale of one per company.

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