Ratel Command

Crew 3 + 6 Command Post Personnel
Main Armament 1 × 12.7mm Heavy MG
Secondary Armament 1 × 7.62mm co-axial MG
1 × 7.62mm GPMG in AA mount on rear of vehicl
1 × 7.62mm GPMG on commander’s cupola
4 × 81mm smoke grenade launchers
Ammunition 300 rounds 12.7mm
3000 rounds 7.62mm
Combat Mass 18ton
Hull length 7.21m
Width 2.7m
Height 2.755m
Engine 12 litre six cylinder in line turbo diesel
Power output 230kW
Fuel 480 litres
Road Speed 105km/h
Off Road Speed 30km/h
Road Range 1000km
Off Road Range 600km
Gradient 27º
Step 0.6m
Trench 1.15m
Ford 1.2m


The Ratel Command is a basic Ratel 20 fitted with a new turret mounting a 12.7mm Machine Gun and is designed to serve as a dedicated command vehicle able to keep pace with the other fighting vehicles in a mechanized formation. It is equipped with a turret which houses a 12.7mm Browning heavy machine gun as well as a standard coaxial 7.62mm Browning machine gun. The smaller main gun allows for a more spacious turret interior compared to the Ratel 20. It carries a standard three-man crew (vehicle commander, driver and main gunner) with space for six command post personnel. The troop compartment is fitted with map tables, communication equipment to fulfill its designed role specifications. To keep the additional communications equipment from overheating an air-conditioning system was fitted (to the delight of the crew).   Additional fittings also include a public address system, sound recording system, and pneumatic antenna mast. Of all the fitting the most novel is a large swivel chair for the commander. Apart from being employed as a command vehicle in the Mechanised Infantry formations, the vehicle is also employed by the Artillery as a battery command vehicle or as a mount for forwarding observers.


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