Armament Provision for mounting 1 AA MG’s
Combat Mass 11.97 ton
Hull Length 7.21m
Width 2.55m
Height 3.15m
Engine Fuel injected V six diesel
Power Output 109kW
Fuel 360 litres
Road Range 900km


The Rinkhals was the first monocoque mine protected ambulance to be taken into service with the South African Medical Service during 1982. It was developed in response to the need for an armoured ambulance to accompany the Mechanised Infantry formations in the field. It is primarily based on the Flossie armoured ambulance which was not deemed sufficient and which has its roots in the Hippo Mk 2.

The Rinkhals provided the South African Army with a purpose made vehicle for the treatment and recovery of casualties. To this end it is capable of carrying both walking and stretcher cases and providing immediate care to wounded personnel. Despite it being an excellent vehicle it has been replaced in the South African Medical Service by the Mfezi.

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