Crew 2
Armament 1 × 20mm GAI-CO1 20mm AA gun
Combat Mass 7.7ton
Fuel 200 litres
Road Speed 93km/h
Road Range 950km


The Ystervark is the basic mobile light anti aircraft system of the South African Army. It is basically a Samil 20 chassis fitted with a full length mine protected hull with a GAI-CO1 20mm anti aircraft gun fitted to the load bed. The gun is basically an updated version of the GAI-BO1 20mm gun capable of 1050 rounds per minute. The gun is fitted with a Delta IV reflector sight which can be set for targets with speeds up to 200km/h and 900 km/h and can be illuminated at night.

Designed as a stop gap measure the system however has been forced to soldier on due to the lack of a decent self propelled anti aircraft system in the South African Army’s inventory. It was deployed in combat during Operations Modular, Hooper and Excite were it proved to be effective in keeping the Angolan and Cuban piloted Migs flying at high altitudes and also claimed the destruction of one aircraft during the attack by Migs against the Caleque dam in 1988. It has been supplemented in service by a number of Zumlac systems which is basically a ZSU 23-2 fitted to a Kwêvoel mine protected truck.

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