Operation Jamba

Operational Years

Objective of the Operation

The operation took place under the auspices of Group 10 in the Greater Durban area with two main areas of responsibility namely Umlazi/Kwamakutha to the south of Durban and Kwa Mashu/Verulam to the north of Durban. The main objective was to stabilize the area with 61 Mech in support of the SAPS. h3. Composition of forces A tactical HQ under command of major De Wet deployed with two infantry companies namely Bravo company under command of captain Stoney Steenkamp and Charlie company under command of captain Chris Barnard. A small supporting element was included, and the personnel was drawn from the different elements of 61 Mech to allow for leave periods for all members of the unit. h3. Deployments It was decided that the unit was to be located in Umbogintwini south of Durban. Bravo company was to be responsible for the south (Umlazi/Kwa Makutha) and Charlie company for the north (Kwa Mashu). The areas were to big for one company each, so in cooperation with the SAPS the forces concentrated on events were trouble could flare up and they tried to identify trouble spots. Such trouble spots were covered with patrols, vehicle control points and observation posts. Small scale operations such as cordons and searches were mounted only on confirmed intelligence. It was found however that all such operations planned in conjunction with the SAPS led to minimal successes due to security breaches during the planning phase, as operational security was unheard of in the midst of the SAP. Definite successes were achieved when the sub unit planned and executed its actions without SAPS involvement in the planning and only involving them at a very late stage. It was the only way to maintain operational security. h3. Redeployment On 25 December a massacre took place at Shobashobane, approximately 20km from Port Shepstone. Bravo company was redeployed to that area in support of a large SAPS contingent, while the HQ and Charlie company stayed at Umbogintwini.

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