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Aims of the Veterans Association

The 61 Mechanised Battalion Group Veterans Association, Reg No 2008/014548/08 was established to create a forum through with the history and achievements of 61 Mech can be recorded.

The Veterans Association also wishes to nurture the friendships and camaraderie that were established between the soldiers who served at 61 Mech.


The Trustees of the 61 Mechanised Battalion Group Veterans Association are

  • Johann Dippenaar - Patron
  • Jan Malan - 61 Mech Museum
  • Ian Serfontein - Finances
  • Koos Pretorius - Legal & Administration
  • Ariel Hugo - Convenor
  • Gert Minnaar - Website Administrator & Communication
  • Jaap Steyn – Angolan Expeditions

Non-Profit Company and Compliance

The Veterans Association was incorporated as a non-profit Company and apart from having to comply with the memorandum and articles of the company as well as the provisions of the Companies Act, proper bookkeeping must be kept by the Veterans Association auditors of the funds raised to promote the interests of this association.

Communication with the Association

All communication with the Veteran Association must be directed to:
admin @

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