Operation Shobashobane

Operational Years

Objective of the Operation

On 25 December, 18 people were killed in faction fighting between IFP and ANC elements. Bravo company in support of the SAPS stabilised the area immediately and it was decided to also redeploy the Tactical HQ and Charlie cairport and they stayed there until the end of this deployment. The main aim was to stabilise the area before the mass funeral of the deceased victims, as indications were that it was to be the next flash point with revenge attacks expected to take place between the IFP and ANC supporters. h3. The role of 61 Mech Bravo company was tasked to operate in the area where the funeral was to be held to stabilise and prevent any attacks, while Charlie company was deployed in support of the SAPS in the adjoining areas to prevent outside interference at the mass funeral. This was successfully done as no incidents took place at or close to where this mass funeral was conducted. At this point the relationship between the community and the SAPS was totally eroded due to consistent rumours that the SAPS members of the Shobashobane police station were involved in the massacre that had taken place and that they had information regarding the impending attack, beforehand. This was to be proven correct in the subsequent investigation that was held into this incident. This however never deterred the companies to do their job properly as there were no further incidents of violence in the area and a lot of weapons were recovered and arrests made.

Composition of 61 Mechanised Battalion Group


Personal Impressions of the Commander


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