Operation Excite

Operational Years

Objective of the Operation

The Cubans planned to move South to form a threat against the South African Forces to discourage them to take action. Task Force 10 was formed to counter this threat. 61 Mech was deployed to the Calueqe Dam area as Part of this force. It also Included 32 Bn and other Units.

Composition of Task Force 10

61 Mech Bn Gp, 32 Bn and other supporting Elements

Personal Impressions of the Commander

Inteligence regarding the composition and strength of the Cuban Force was not correct. The impression was that a smaller force of Battalion strength was moving South. In reality it was the 50 th Cuban Division, supported by 3 x squadrons of Mig 23's. The South african Forces was not strong enough to counter such a force. Another factor that had a negative effect was the fact that the Damwall was bombed to cut our escape route. The only option was to break contact and do a delibirate withdrawal. It was the last action of our forces in Angola and peace talks were started in earnest.

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