Commandant Mike Muller
Major Kobus Loubser
2Lt Chris (Barries) Barnard
WO1 JJ Kemp

Composition of 61 Mechanised Battalion Group

A and B Coy
1 x Tank Squadron and 1 x Ratel 90 Squadron
1 x G 5 Battery
1 x Engineer Troop

Overview by the Commander

It was a year of heavy combat, Exercises and Show of Force. The handing and taking over from the troops and staff took place in December 1987 in the Bush north of Mavinga. Op Hooper commenced with 5 main attacks on Fapla Positions. During March 61 Mech withdrew for much needed replenishments, leave and maintenance. Deployment was done again in June at Calueqe with Op Excite. After that, Op Linger commenced at Ogongo. During August a major Exercise - "Vuiswys" was executed South of Ruacana. Peace talks started in earnest and 61 was on standby for the rest of the year. During 1989, 61 Mech was again deployed to counter the SWAPO infiltrations. 


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